Information Sharing Opt-Out

Whenever you visit or interact with most websites, certain types of data is collected and stored by the website’s hosts and moderators. First National Bank of Pasco (referred to as “the bank”) also collects and stores data when someone visits their website or uses their digital banking services.

For a full scope of what information is collected and how it is used, please see the bank’s Privacy Policy, or visit the branch closest to you and a paper copy can be provided on request.

To opt-out of the information sharing as is described in the bank’s Privacy Policy, please use one of the following methods:

2022 Privacy Notice Opt-Out

  1. Sign-in to Digital Banking and send a secure opt-out message (See instructions below)
  2. Dial (352) 521-0141 and make it known you wish to opt-out of information sharing
  3. Mail a completed and signed opt-out request to one of our offices
  4. Drop off a signed opt-out request at one of our offices

Your privacy is of utmost importance to us. If none of these solutions work for you, or you have additional questions, please visit us at one of our offices or dial (352) 521-0141 to talk with a person now.

Instructions for sending a secure opt-out message

1. Log in to Digital Banking and choose Secure Messaging from the menu

2. Click or tap on the pencil icon

3. Choose “Do Not Share My Personal Information” as the subject, type in “opt-out”, and then hit Send