Arts First

We are proud to be working with the Pasco County School District in awarding ArtsFirst grants to give music, art, theater and dance teachers the resources they need to bring out student’s inner artist, and ultimately, make our world a more beautiful place.

Introducing the ArtsFirst Fine Arts Classroom Grants

These grants are intended to support and enhance educational opportunities for fine arts students in Pasco County public schools.  Each quarter, teachers submit grant applications to the District’s art leadership team, which will then be reviewed and awarded by a First National Bank of Pasco panel of bank, business and civic leaders.

These applications define how recipients of a grant will use the funds to encourage higher educational standards as well as challenge and motivate students.  Grant applications are due at the end of each quarter, and will be awarded based upon the grant’s likelihood of improving student achievement and opportunities.

Here are some examples of what awarded grants may be used to support

  • Supplemental materials that are not adopted or funded by the district or school
  • Teacher conference fee if the teacher can show how the information learned will be used in the classroom
  • Classroom supplies and/or materials
  • Fees associated with play production (writes, costumes, props, etc.)
  • T-shirts for special events that promote higher achievement
  • Field trips to fine arts related events
  • Dance room equipment, supplies and/or costumes
  • Musical instruments, art equipment, sound equipment etc.
  • Clinician, guest speaker, performer or guest artist
  • Special projects

How can you get involved?

Parents and other community supporters help fuel the funding of this program when they open accounts at any First National Bank of Pasco branch.

For a listing of branches, click here [link to branch info page]

If you are a Pasco County public school fine arts teacher interested in applying, Grant applications are due at the end of Quarter 1, 2, or 3. Late applications will not be considered. Send applications to:  Thomas Viking, Fine Arts Program Coordinator